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About us

About ten years ago it all started with a YouTube Channel. Now, a decade later,  YourVirals is a business helping with content, growing their channel, and by offering monetization support. With YourVirals we're helping content creators wherever we can. We believe we can grow together!

YourVirals is a brand owned  by Pusic Entertainment. Pusic Entertainment is the leading digital entertainment company in The Netherlands and helps with almost everything: From video, to audio, to management and support.

YourVirals licenses content to the most prominent social media brands all over the world. In short: we are a content library with more than 150K videos (and counting). With that many videos we can promise you: you will find what you're looking for.

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Get personalized support!

Our experienced specialists all have their own expertise and they're ready to help you. Offering support and help with monetization, we are ready to make our videos your virals!

Use our exclusive, and safe content!

We can guarantee that our content is 100% safe. This means that all our content can be used for your own platforms. We also offer exclusive acces to our in-house produced audio.

Make money with your channel!

In addtion to our content library, we also offer monetization support for both video and audio! We make sure every content creator can make money while doing what they love: creating content in the digital creative industry!

Our team

Camiel Camiel

CEO & Founder

Camiel is our CEO & Founder. It all started with his own YouTube Channel 10 years ago. That's how Camiel knows everything about creating an audience and growing YouTube channels. Now he owns multiple business that are all a part of Pusic Entertainment!

Ghislaine Ghislaine

General Manager

Ghislaine is our general manager. She has been working at YourVirals since 2021 and she keeps everyone in check. Ghislaine is a real jack of all trades around the office.

Patrick Patrick

Licensing Account Specialist

Patrick has been around since the start of YourVirals. Since he has been here from the start he knows everything about our services and how we can help you. Patrick will be your personal contact person whenever you need support with anything regarding our, and your, platform!

Oussama Oussama

Content Manager

Oussama has had his own YouTube channel before he decided to become our content manager. Therefore he is an expert when it comes to content and growing YouTube channels. Oussama makes sure that all new content will become available to you!

Sebastian Sebastian

Purchase Specialist

Sebastian is all about purchasing new videos. Being all over all social media channels he knows what's trending right now! Sebastian scrolls through all social media platforms to further fill our content library with the newest, hottest and most interesting videos.

Bo Bo

Office Assistant

Bo is our allrounder. She knows how to make sure everything runs smoothly in our office. All adminstrative tasks are right up her alley, she also makes sure the team has access to everything they might ever need in the office!

Neomi Neomi

Marketing Communication Specialist

Neomi is the latest addition to our team and our marketing expert. She ensures the growth of our visibility on- and offline. She is working hard on building all of our brands!